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The trainings offered by Teolen are centered around the software qualification activity, the heart of Teolen business.


It is designed for people who want to deepen their theoritical and practical knowledge of testing.


Our trainers are experts in the testing domain and hold several ISTQB certifications.


This training allows you to acquire the fundamentals in software systems testing. You will understand the role of testing within the software development life cycle and learn the necessary techniques to design and manage testing.This training prepares you to the    ISQTB® certification exam.



  • Fundamentals of testing

  • Testing throughout the software life cycle

  • Static techniques

  • Test design techniques

  • Test management

  • Tool support for testingOutils de support aux tests


  • Pre-requisite : knowledge of the software development life cycle

  • Duration : 3 days

  • Languages : English or French

  • Certification : Examination organized by Teolen




  • Public : 1500 € / person

  • In-house : 7000 € for 5 people 

                     + 525 € per extra person

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